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It's A Wrap

Christmas is always hard on our pockets isn't it? But even more so this year, with the cost of literally, everything, going through the roof! There are so many elements to Christmas that cost money, from gift buying, wrapping, cards, decorations, the food, treats, days out, Christmas tree and all the twinkle lights - it adds up.

So how about we start to look at where we can save money this Christmas and have fun in the process?

Now as much as we all whinge about a certain online shop that sells everything, with next day delivery and begins with A, (you know who I mean), we all probably use them at some point. Quite how they get away with their excessive packaging is beyond me, but they do. So let's take advantage of that and get creative!

Nearly all of my parcels that come from said online shop, contain masses of brown parcel paper. And I mean, lots! The amount is ridiculous, but it will come in handy for my money saving Christmas tip.

Start saving all of the brown paper from your parcels and flatten it. It's usually not too crumpled. We are going to use this as the base of our Christmas gift wrap. I love a theme for my wrapping at Christmas and this brown parcel paper has lots of options.

It's so easy to create beautifully wrapped gifts using this paper, and you're recycling at the same time, and not purchasing the awful plastic Christmas gift wrap that you can't recycle.

With this tip we are going to:

  • Save money

  • Recycle & up-cycle

  • Get the kids involved

  • Be creative & have fun

  • Have beautiful, uniquely wrapped gifts to give this Christmas

  • Use parcel tape that is eco friendly and fully recyclable from @everythingcraftyuk

It's obviously up to you how you embellish the parcel paper, but I'd start with maybe some paint, ink stamps if you have them, string, stencils, ribbon and even greenery from the garden. A sprig of fresh eucalyptus or some festive holly looks beautiful.

Option 1 - Snow theme

Spread your parcel paper onto a large flat surface. I did this on my floor (I had paper underneath so it didn't go on the carpet). You will need a pot of white paint. This could be some leftover white emulsion you have in the shed, or any craft paint, like acrylic.

Dip the tip of your brush into the paint and splash it onto the paper. Either tap the brush with your finger or gently flick it across the paper. It will make random splodges (technical term) and splashes that look like snow.

Leave out to completely dry and then cut up into pieces for your gifts. Add white string, a handmade tag and a sprig of holly to finish your gift.

Option 2 - Stamp theme

As above, spread the paper out flat on a table or work surface and using your stamps (if you have a Christmas stamp like a star or snowflake this will work well), randomly stamp across the paper in a repeat pattern. If you don't have a stamp, carve a shape like a star from a potato and use that to print your pattern.

If you have children they could use their fingers to stamp a pattern. If you wanted, you could embellish their fingerprints with a pen and create Christmas characters or objects. Green ink print could be turned into a sprout, or a brown ink fingertip could be turned into a reindeer. Draw on antlers and a red nose. Or a red fingerprint could be easily turned into a robin or Rudolph. Maybe not on all of them as this could take you a while! But it may keep the kids busy for an hour or two.

Continue the fingerprint theme on a handmade gift tag. Cut card into squares, hole punch and add a red ribbon, twine or string.

Option 3 - Elegant finishing touch

The most simple and efficient option is to keep the paper plain, but add a really lovely bow. This could be made from any ribbon you have, or make your own from leftover fabric. And finish with a sprig of eucalyptus or holly.

To be honest, there are lots of different ways you can use this FREE parcel paper to create beautiful gift wrap. Go and get creative!

The beautiful paper Christmas tape I've used in these photos is from @EverythingCraftyUK. It is eco-friendly and fully recyclable. It's so pretty you can use it to create a design on the parcels. Available in brown and white and features a gorgeous festive design.

If you make any of these or your own, please feel free to tag me on social media as I'd love to see them: @cowparsleyliving

Please feel free to share this blog with other audiences who you feel will benefit from it. And have fun creating your very own gift wrap this festive season. Merry Christmas!

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