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Easy Christmas Chocolate Treats

Updated: May 22

Are you struggling what to buy your children's friends this Christmas? It's always a difficult one isn't it, and sometimes it's a bit of a faff when you already have lots of friends and family to buy for.

Or you need a thoughtful gift for a neighbour or to give to a host over the Christmas holidays, then this easy homemade idea can help you!

This is super easy to do and it's something you can get the kids to help with too.

These are hot chocolate stirrers which you pop into a mug of hot milk and watch them melt and turn it into delicious, creamy hot chocolate. Perfect for a Christmas treat.

This is the first time I've made these so I guessed the quantities, but from what I bought I made 36 chocolate stirrers - 18 milk chocolate and 18 white chocolate. You can also use dark chocolate obviously, but as I made these for children I went with milk and white chocolate.

What you will need to make approximately 36 chocolate stirrers:

  • Ice cube trays or, I used a mini muffin cake tray

  • 600 gms milk chocolate

  • 600 gms white chocolate

  • 2 Crunchie chocolate bars

  • 1 90gm Aero mint chocolate bar

  • Wood lolly sticks (Craft shops or Amazon)

  • Clear cellophane gift wrap

  • Red & white twine (string will be fine)

  • Gift tags

  • Ink pad and stamps to personalise the lolly sticks


  • Firstly stamp the names of the recipient or a general 'Merry Christmas' message on the lolly sticks and keep these to hand.

  • This step also helps with Christmas stress! Smash the Crunchie bars and Aero bar into small pieces. I did this with a rolling pin whilst they were still in their wrappers. Just be careful when you open them.

  • Cut your cellophane wrap (or whatever wrap you're using) into squares and save these for later. Cut your string so it's ready for when you're wrapping your stirrers.

  • Using the microwave or in a bowl over a simmering pan of hot water melt your chocolate (melt one type of chocolate at a time).

  • When the chocolate is melted, spoon the melted chocolate into the tray moulds.

  • As the chocolate is beginning to set, put in the sticks (name at the top) and sprinkle the smashed chocolate over the top. I used Crunchie on the milk chocolate and the Mint Aero on the white chocolate ones.

  • Pop the trays into the fridge for at least 3 hours to fully set.

  • When you're ready to wrap them as gifts, carefully wiggle the chocolate stirrers so they slide out of the moulds.

  • Put the chocolate stirrers in the centre of the cellophane and bring the sides of the paper up around the stirrers. Tie with the string, add your tag and ta-da!

  • Gorgeous handmade treats to give out at Christmas.

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