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Five minute tea break - House guests

Updated: Jun 1

I love having people to stay. Having my home filled with laughter and chatter is perfect. Ideally, I'd like to run a B&B as a side business, as I would love the opportunity to design a gorgeous room and provide a lovely welcoming hamper and toiletries for guests to use. One day…

The one thing I do like to do when we have guests is to prep as much as I can before they arrive. I hate to be in the kitchen cooking when everyone else is having fun. So, I try to plan meals that I can prep or cook in advance and just need heating through or final bits (technical cooking term) doing to them.

We had some lovely friends stay with us over Easter, so I prepared a little welcoming tray which I left in their room. It contained a bottle of water, flowers, chocolate eggs (it was Easter) and miniature toiletries that we all ‘permanently borrow’ from our stays in hotels. It’s not much, but it’s thoughtful.

For meals I prepared and pre-cooked a chicken chasseur which just then needed to heat through when needed. I made Jamie Oliver’s roast potatoes which can be half prepared and kept in the fridge until it’s time to finish roasting them. And the veggies were chopped and ready to cook. I also prepared a simple buffet of quiche, salad, olives, bread and cheeses which is all quick and easy. Cakes were also made in advance. And of course, there was Prosecco chilling in the fridge! Just a bit of forward planning and preparation the day before means you can spend more time with your guests rather than being in the kitchen.

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