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Freshen Up Your Home!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

It's the start of a brand new year, we've all got more stuff in our homes thanks to Christmas gifts so it's time for a clear-out.

I'm very good at clearing out. I think it's probably down to years of being at University and packing everything up each term/year, and then house sharing in London for many years where all of my belongings were confined to one room and moving house every year or so.

And I hate clutter. Having 'stuff' just for the sake of it. Ornaments that don't have a sentimental value or give me joy, are just a no. I love home accessories (obviously) but they have to fit with the interior style of my house and make me smile.

I love having a tidy up in January. Making my home feel fresh again after all the Christmas decorations have been packed away for another year. I like to de-clutter my whole house at least twice a year. Once after Christmas and again later in the year.

I love home accessories, and as I like to add bits here and there and refresh my look at home throughout the year, I have to either tidy away some accessories, or re-home them, otherwise my house would look like an interiors shop!

I always start with my daughters bedroom. Kids just seem to accumulate stuff don't they. Most of it is plastic tat that just needs to go in the bin / recycled / given to charity. But as she's still growing, I'm forever having to clear out her wardrobe for clothes that no longer fit. She probably hasn't even worn half of them! She had a huge faux fur beanbag at Christmas, so to make room for it we've had to move the rocking chair out of her room which she has had since she was a baby. It used to sit in her nursery and then her bedroom. We have lots of memories associated with that chair, but we have to let it go to a new home now. It has a story behind it too as it was on the side of the road as someone had thrown it out. I grabbed it, gave it a makeover by sanding the hideous orange pine and painting it in a shabby chic white. Hopefully it will now go on to give someone else joy in their home. Perhaps it will be used to nurse a new baby?


To help me get organised I have large bags for different things when I'm clearing out. A bag for rubbish, one for recycling, another for charity and one for items that can be sold. We are a family who look after our belongings, so most items are in very good condition.


eBay and Gumtree are good platforms for selling your unwanted items. Make sure you give detailed descriptions including measurements, size, brand names etc. Provide clear photographs and also state the area where the item is to be collected from. Or postage costs if it is to be posted. Generally Gumtree is for more local collections and eBay has a wider reach where items can be posted.


For general, small items like clothes, books, toys etc, most high street charity shops will take these. Remember to sign up for Gift Aid if you're a tax payer so the charity can claim more money. You may have to show your card when you drop off your items.


Household items, and things like cookers, fridge etc can be collected with some charity organisations. We've just had a new kitchen so our old cooker can go to a family who is in need of a little help. Organisations such as The British Heart Foundation will collect home items like cookers and other furniture items.

Having a de-clutter in your home just makes everything look brighter and you feel great after you've done it. And hey you may even make a few quid on items you can sell.

I usually then have a bit of a change-around of some of my accessories. Just swopping home decor items around can make a room look so different without going to the expense of redecorating. Or you could treat yourself to a couple of new home accessories! How does the saying go "Out with the old and in with the new".

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