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Home preparation before going on holiday

I wanted to share with you some easy steps to prepare your home before going away on your much deserved summer holiday.

In the couple of weeks before you jet off on your holiday, you can be so busy tying up loose ends at work, washing clothes and getting suitcases down from the loft that it's easy to forget to prepare your home before going away.

Here are twenty simple steps to ensure everything is in order for when you go away so you can relax on your holiday and know you haven't got any big tasks when you arrive home.

  1. Book any pet care you may need as soon as you book your holiday, as these places get booked up so quickly.

  2. Ask a neighbour or local friend to keep an eye on your home whilst you're away. Try not to have postal deliveries turning up whilst you're on holiday, but if they do ask if your neighbour / friend can take your parcels in for you. Or at least put them in your safe place so they're out of sight. You could also give your neighbour / friend a spare house key for emergencies.

  3. Cancel any regular post deliveries, such as newspapers.

  4. Set a couple of lamps in your home on timers. One upstairs and one downstairs to come on at different times. You can buy light timers that can vary the time they come on and go off by a few minutes each day.

  5. Don't half close the curtains as this is a dead giveaway that nobody is home.

  6. If you can invest in security lights and cameras for outside your property, do it as these act as a great deterrent. And as most security cameras come with an App nowadays, you can check on your home from wherever you are.

  7. If you have a house alarm, remember to set it when you leave.

  8. Store away any spare keys like car keys or keys to outbuildings. If you are broken into then they can't steal your car.

  9. Give your home a clean before you go away. There's nothing worse than coming home from a lovely holiday to a house that needs cleaning. It immediately takes the shine off your holiday.

  10. Try to clear your washing before you go away. We all come back with suitcases full of washing, so you don't need the extra to get through on your return.

  11. Water your house plants. Or use plant pot watering globes that you can pop in the pots to keep your plants regularly watered whilst you're away.

  12. Check what the weather is going to be like at home when you are away. If it's going to be hot, give your garden and outside pots a good watering.

  13. Similarly if the weather forecast for at home is going to be awful, tidy away any small items that can be blown over in windy conditions.

  14. Have a simple meal ready in the freezer for when you return home. Pizza or a ready-meals are perfect as they just need heating up. You don't want to start cooking on your first evening back.

  15. For the ultimate luxury on your return, change your bedding before you go on holiday then you have that gorgeous new sheets feeling on your first night back home.

  16. Clear out your fridge and food cupboard of perishable food items.

  17. Turn off electronics.

  18. Turn off your water supply to your appliances.

  19. Ensure all of your doors and windows are locked. Check any outbuildings and sheds are secure and locked too.

  20. Secure any valuables in a home safe or make sure they are well hidden.

If you have asked a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your home whilst you're away, it's nice to thank them with some treats from your holiday. A box of chocolates or a keepsake from your holiday destination makes a thoughtful gift.

Have a lovely holiday.

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