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Five minute tea break - Snuggle

Updated: Jun 1

In January I’m always torn between feeling a little sad that the festivities of Christmas are over, but also feeling excited for the year ahead. I love planning (especially if I have a new notebook), and I’ve got lots of ideas for Cosy Room Designs and new products.

At home, after taking the Christmas decorations down I like to have a good Spring (?) clean. Let’s be honest, you can’t really clean when you have Christmas decorations everywhere. Although, I am still finding the odd pine needle on the carpet. This usually happens when I’m working-out and my nose is on the carpet when mid push-up!

Once my house is clean and cleared of the last bit of tinsel I’m ready to have a little freshen-up of my home accessories. I’m very lucky as Santa always brings me a couple of new bits for my home, so I spend a good few hours rearranging things (faffing) to create a slightly different look in various rooms.

My home has a neutral colour palette, but I do like the odd accent colour and lots of different textures. And by accent colour I mean subtle raspberry or dusky pink soft furnishings, not a feature wall in bright red! We live in a character cottage, so my interiors need to be in-keeping with the overall look of the house. So luckily, my hand-painted signs using gorgeous reclaimed wood are perfect. My favourite at the moment is the ‘snuggle’ sign. January and February are usually our colder winter months so snuggling is a must! And January telly is brilliant, so snuggling on the sofa in the evenings is where you’ll find me.

So, before I snuggle down this evening, I’d better crack on with my planning and also give my office/studio a bit of a tidy up too. I can’t work if it’s too messy and things are out of place. I want a nice clean, tidy and fresh start to the new decade. Happy New Year!

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