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Create a cosy home for Autumn

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

I love Autumn. The colours in the countryside are just stunning, we can still enjoy sunshine but with a slight chill to the air and it’s time to hunker down and enjoy being at home. Ooh and we can update our wardrobes with chunky knitwear and cosy boots. What’s not to love!

I also like to update my home with a few bits (technical interiors term) to help make it cosy and welcoming for those long autumnal evenings. I’m a huge fan of twinkle lights – they’re not just for Christmas. I have strings of the tiny twinkle lights on beams in my home and on my mantlepiece, window sills and in glass jars. They create such a lovely light. There is nothing more welcoming than coming home when it’s dark and seeing your home lit up with a soft golden glow. Set a couple of lamps on timers so they turn on just before you are due home to give you that “Ahh, I’m home” feeling.

Candles are an easy and cost-effective addition to help create a cosy feel to any room. And if you don’t have a log burner or real fire, candles piled up in a fireplace can look really effective. And scented candles create a delicious atmosphere.

As the weather turns colder we all like to wrap up warm and wear extra layers. The same applies to our homes. We spend more time indoors so it’s nice to create a cosy place to huddle up during the colder months. Add texture to your interiors with extra cushions for your sofas and throws rolled up in baskets or stylish trug not only look gorgeous but are handy to grab to snuggle on the sofa enjoying a mug of hot chocolate. Velvet is in the shops at the moment and is perfect texture for Autumn. Adding a couple of velvet cushions to your sofas and chairs will instantly update your interior.

If you have the space, try creating little pockets of cosy by moving chairs or your sofa close to the fire. Create a cosy reading corner with your favourite chair, a small table with a lamp and somewhere to put your cuppa. And maybe have a blanket or throw handy to snuggle under whilst you ready your book or magazine.

Dress your dining table with some foraged branches and berries and pop some tea lights amongst them to create a cosy, autumnal feel to your weekend mealtimes. I say weekend as most of us are so rushed during the week aren't we, that we're lucky if the whole family sits down at the table at the same time!

But why not be like our friends in France or Italy where they treat mealtimes as a leisurely event. Spend time enjoying homemade comfort food whilst chatting to your family with the soft glow of candlelight flickering around you.

Dried flowers have really made a comeback recently and they are a perfect way to create a gorgeous display perfect for Autumn. Keep your bouquet simple; maybe team a small vase of dried flowers with a small collection of books and a tea light candle to create a cosy display on a coffee table.

We layer our clothes at this time of year, and the same applies to our homes. Add layers of comfort with soft furnishings, squishy cushions and warm blankets. Lighting is key, so instead of putting on the 'big' light, use smaller table lamps instead and dot candles around to have that soft flickering light throughout your living space.

Embrace this season and all its colours, crisp mornings and cosy evenings.

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