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Five minute tea beak - Lets do a bit of interior faffing!

Updated: Jun 1

How are we all doing? This is such a strange time isn't it. I hope you are all managing to stay safe and well.

Although I'm a true home-bod and I love my home, but I am getting a bit fed up of looking at the same decor day in, day out. Our big DIY project for the kitchen and dining room is obviously on hold, so I'm looking at what smaller DIY projects I can get done whilst we're in lockdown.  It is difficult to get some supplies at the moment as a lot of places are shut, but there are things we can do to freshen up our homes and make rooms look a little different. I often have a little change around at home and I usually start by taking all of my accessories down and think about where else I can put them to create a different look.

Try stripping a couple of rooms of their accessories and soft furnishings (cushions, throws etc) and then spend time arranging your accessories in different rooms and on different surfaces. Try grouping a few items together to create a display in a window or on a tray on top of a coffee table or a large footstool. Things like a small pile of coffee table books, with a candle or glass cloche will not only look pretty but add interest to a room. If you have old hardback books that you no longer read, you could paint the outer hardback covers in subtle shades of emulsion (we've all got half empty tins of paint in the shed) and stack them in a pile or display them on a book shelf.  If you're lucky enough to have a garden or your daily walk is in the countryside, make use of the pretty weeds (cow parsley is my favourite) and greenery and create a lovely display in a vase, jug or even a pretty jam jar. Give your photo frames a lick of fresh paint and arrange them in a group on a shelf or as a cluster on a wall to make a feature. Or change the photographs that are in the frames. We certainly have the time at the moment to go through our photographs! A job, I keep putting off. If you have the space, try rearranging your furniture to give you rooms a totally different look or even function. I've recently done this with our Snug and it looks so much different to how it looked previously and it's not a huge room. Swop your dining room with your lounge for example. Create a cosy reading area by positioning an arm chair in a corner, with a lamp and a small table where you can place our cuppa. The perfect escapism for an hour or two, and we all need a bit of that at the moment! Have a tidy up. I do love a good tidy up! Remove throws from your sofa and chairs, roll them up and display them in a pretty basket. That way your sofa looks ready for Spring / Summer but the throws are still available to snuggle under on a chilly, Spring evening. Arrange pretty kitchen linens like tablecloths and napkins in a basket on a shelf or on a shelf in a cupboard with a glass front. That way you can see your pretty linens all stacked up neatly. As the weather is warming up and we no longer need to light the fire, fill the front of your fireplace with candles to create a pretty glow in the evenings. Or make a floral display using fresh or dried flowers. I call this process "faffing". I love a bit of "faffing". Have fun and you may be amazed by the results of just moving a few things around and displaying items a bit differently.

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