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Back to basics

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

I don't think many of us in Suffolk got much sleep last night, thanks to storm Georgina stamping here feet all over Suffolk. Very noisy and blustery! Woke to no power, but thanks to my obsession with candles we were OK for light this morning. All looked very pretty and romantic. Pity it wasn't February 14th!

Then of course reality kicked in when we realised that pretty much everything we do on a daily basis requires electricity. My daughter couldn't get her head around the fact that none of her gadgets worked and she wouldn't be able to watch TV. I know, the horror!

Because she thought there was literally nothing to do if her gadgets didn't work I asked her to make a list of all the fun things she could do without the need for electricity. She actually enjoyed this and was looking forward to spending her day drawing, doing jigsaws, making a den and doing craft projects before we heard that her school was actually open.

I was very excited about cooking my breakfast on the log burner! Felt like a Girl Guide again. Cool extendable toasting fork is from Cox & Cox.

However, I was slightly concerned that the battery on my AppleMac wouldn't last all day. So I decided to spend a few hours brainstorming and designing new products using good old pen and paper.

I must admit I was a little disappointed when all of our phones and appliances started to beep back to life just before lunchtime because I was enjoying my technology-free morning. It almost felt like a holiday as I was cut off from everything and my mind was free to focus on nice new product ideas. Perhaps I should start scheduling in a technology free day every so often so I can have the freedom to just brainstorm and plan. A break is as good as holiday so they say!

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