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How to make easy bunting

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Fabric bunting tied onto string
Easy fabric bunting

I love bunting. I keep handmade paper star bunting up in my home all year round and love putting up pretty bunting for all special occasions. So with the Jubilee celebrations later this week I wanted to join in and put out the bunting. I'm not a fan of the plastic bunting and union jacks everywhere. I wanted bunting that will fit with the rest of my home decor and also be something I could use again. I've got a basket full of fabric remnants from other projects, or blind and curtains, so I took three types that were muted versions of the patriotic red, white and blue and together with a pair of scissors and some string I got to work.

Cutting fabric into bunting strips

It literally look me about ten to fifteen minutes to make and looks far prettier than the plastic union jacks. And much more friendlier to our planet!

To make the easy bunting, first I cut the fabric into strips. Doesn't really matter how wide, but I cut mine roughly 2cm wide and approximately 32cm in length.

Unroll some string (as long as you need) and simply tie the lengths of fabric with one simple knot along the string. I alternated the three colours and left space between each one. Make sure you leave enough string at each end to tie it up and ta-da your bunting is complete.

Bunting, fabric and string on a work surface

I've made mine with the intention of it hanging outside, but as it's tipping it down with rain at the moment, I've hung it over a rustic French mirror which I have in my kitchen. Fingers crossed the sun will shine for the bank holiday weekend.

The bunting looks very pretty, didn't cost a penny (which is a rare thing nowadays), is sustainable and can be reused for special occasions and made in just a few minutes.

A little project to do with the kids during the half term hols and you can have it ready for the Jubilee celebrations.

If you don't have fabric to hand, but you do have clothes that the kids have outgrown, you could always cut those into strips and use them instead. Or an old pillowcase or duvet cover that you no longer use. Any scrap of fabric will work perfectly.

Hope you all have a fun time over the long bank holiday weekend.


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