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Holiday Blues

I like to get up early when I’m on holiday and make the most of the gentle morning sun before it gets searingly hot. I pad quietly around the villa, so as not to wake my family and put on my bikini, make a quick coffee and grab my book.

Opening the door of the villa always makes me smile, as brilliant sunshine streams through the almost pitch black interior of the villa. The shutters block out every glint of light, so putting on a bikini in the dark can be a bit of a challenge!

Looking around me I take in the cloudless blue sky, and the mountains decorated with a sprinkling of pretty, whitewashed Spanish villas. The birds are chirruping and in this particular villa the wild bunnies hop across the sun-scorched lawn hoping to find a little bit of greenery for breakfast.

I set myself up on my sun lounger by the pool and sip my coffee whilst listening to the sounds of the local cockerel, goat and donkey in their group dawn chorus. It's a less tuneful, more comical chorus.

Then to my utter delight I am treated to a beautiful synchronised dance of sand martins and swallows who take the opportunity of enjoying the pool whilst it’s still calm. They fly and swoop and dip into the pool for either a quick drink or to, amusingly, dip their bellies into the cool water. If I keep still they swoop right before the book held in my hands which I’ve paused from reading whilst I watch this playful dance. It really is beautiful to watch.

When I think the birds have finished, it’s my turn to enjoy the pool. The water is still like a millpond, with just a slight ripple from the gentle breeze and is an enticing pretty blue colour. It’s not yet warm but it’s not too chilly either. As Goldilocks said when tasting baby bears bowl of porridge, it’s “just right”.

Walking down the steps into the water is such a lovely feeling. My skin is now warm from the sun which is rapidly heating up, so it is a slight shock to feel the coolness of the water.

Standing on the steps with the water waist height with the sun on my back is utter bliss. I wish I could stay in this moment forever. The usual stresses and strains of life seem a million miles away in this moment. And I start to wonder if we should up-sticks and buy a villa with an olive orchard. We've all thought it haven't we?

Gently slipping into the water and taking my first stroke is a bit of a shock I have to admit but then my body gets used to the temperature and I enjoy my most favourite swim of the day. Listening to the water swooshing as I swim is the most relaxing sound. I wish I could bottle the sound and feeling of this exact moment to take home with me.

After a few energising lengths of the pool it’s time to go and wake my family from the depths of sleep, to make more coffee and to enjoy breakfast on the terrace.

Then of course it’s time to use the pool for what it’s really for - family fun and giggles. In go the ridiculous amount of brightly coloured inflatables (including a huge duck). Sun cream is generously applied with all of us saying “can you do my back please”, and then we’re ready to enjoy the endless blue sky and the cool blue of the rippling pool.

Happy holidays.


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