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Five minute tea break - It's CHRISTMAAS!

Updated: Jun 1

Well, very almost. I love Christmas, especially the countdown to the big day when the kids are getting excited, you can legitimately eat mince pies on a daily basis, and you spend time planning festive fun with friends and family. Oh and food planning! Are you like me and always order far too much? I always seem to cook and serve as if I'm feeding several rugby teams! Note to self - clear out the freezer so I have room to store the leftovers.

I love getting my house ready for Christmas. We have two Christmas trees (Bob and Dave). We choose the trees from a local garden centre and Bob goes in the garden room and Dave in the lounge. Bob is decorated in pretty shades of pink, white and grey, whereas Dave is more traditional in red and white. 

It's always a big deal when we decorate our trees. We crack open the large tub of chocolates, play Christmas tunes really loud and generally have fun (after we've spent many minutes untangling the twinkle lights).

I've also included in my decor this year a couple of Cosy Room Designs Christmas signs. I have the 'Merry Christmas', 'Love' and 'Believe' signs in my home. They go so well with my neutral decor. Although Dave is decorated in red and white, the rest of my decor is more neutral - shades of white, grey, stone, and dusky pinks. I always have twinkle lights up in my house as they look really pretty along the beams, but Christmas allows me to add many more in glass jars and strung along Christmas bunting. I even have them in the bedrooms. The soft golden glow is so pretty at bedtime. Although having to get out of bed to turn them off can be a bit of a faff!

I just want to say a HUGE thank you, to you, my lovely customers. You are the best! You help me to pursue my dream of running a small business so I can be around for my family. Each and every one of your orders means the world to me. 

Wishing you all a fun-filled Christmas and a very happy new year!

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